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The trainees shall be evaluated internally and externally in each year. The Director of Government Examinations, Chennai, will conduct the Theory & Practical Examination.
Minimum for a pass is 50% in Theory & Practical examination as well as in internal assessment, in respect of Subject I to VIII and in subject IX to XII. Those who fail in the Theory & Practical examination will have to reappear for the examination in the subsequent year. Those who fail in the internal assessment will have to appear before the practical Board of Examination in the subsequent years.
Each trainee will have an intensive practice – cum – observation in an identified school for a period of 40 days each year. In the first year the internship will relate to Standards I to V and in the second year to Standard VI to VIII.
The internship is preceded by 5 days of Training in Micro Teaching skill in the Teacher Training Institute in the first year only.

The Institute has faculty who is qualified and has vast knowledge and experience in the relevant field, as per NCTE and Government norms

Micro-teaching involves the teaching of certain skills that form a part of the wide range of components that enhance effective teaching.
The skills mastered by the students of this institution include the skills of Demonstration, Explaining, illustrating with Examples, Fluency in Questioning, Asking Probing Questions, Blackboard Writing, Communication, Stimulus Variation, Reinforcement both positive and negative and so on.




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